Paxton Applauds Climate Ruling

Count Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton among those who say the United States Supreme Court has done the right thing in pulling the plug on President Barack Obama’s sweeping new rules on climate change.

“Simply put, the EPA had placed the livelihoods of far too many people on the line when it attempted to impose these misguided rules on the country” Paxton said, adding “Thanks to the Court’s action, we can all rest a little more securely today.”

The Court’s order puts those rules–which are at the center of the promises the White House made at last year’s climate talks in Paris–at least temporarily on hold. Critics–including Paxton–argued the rules would have resulted in lost jobs, higher energy bills, and a potentially weaker and unreliable energy grid.

“A major change like the power rule should not and can not be left in the hands of unelected bureaucrats who have demonstrated more concern about placating the green lobby than keeping Americans working” Paxton said, laying the bulk of the blame at the President’s feet.

“This move was a blatant attempt to sidestep the legislative process, and force through the will of one man–President Obama–who tried to redraw the powers of the EPA in unprecedented ways” Paxton said.



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