Paxton investigating multiple organizations for assisting invasion of illegal immigrants

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is responding to Governor Greg Abbott’s call for investigations into a number of non-government organizations who may be helping to expand the number illegal immigrants entering the United States.

Attorney General Paxton has sent notifications to three organizations to be investigated, each a recipient of Texas Bar Foundation funds:

The official Requests to Examine were sent as Attorney General Paxton acknowledges Governor Abbott’s increased efforts to stop illegal immigration into Texas.

“Biden and his allies have caused an invasion at the border and a crisis in the homeland. Not only has this Administration abdicated its duty to secure the border, but it has also actively encouraged an illegal invasion into the United States,” said Attorney General Paxton. “What’s more, it seems some Texas groups may be facilitating the invasion. I won’t tolerate it. I will stay firm in my duty and responsibility to serve and protect Texans from the fallout of these irresponsible parties,” said Attorney General Paxton.

Paxton’s investigations also include the Texas Bar Foundation itself for possible involvement in the influx of migrants coming into Texas and the U.S. undocumented.

Governor Abbott demanded the investigations at a time when Title 42 coming to an end and only days after more than 2,600 illegal border crossings were reported in El Paso over a 24-hour time period on Sunday.