Perry Goes Before the Senate Energy Committee

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry takes his place in the Senate confirmation spotlight.

Donald Trump’s Nominee to be Energy Secretary told the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee he regrets the call he made during the 2012 Presidential Campaign for eliminating the Department of Energy.

“I will enter this role excited and passionate about advancing the core missions of the (Department of Energy)” Perry told the Committee during his opening statement.

Perry pointed to Texas’ energy success–both with traditional–and non-traditional energy sources.

“If confirmed, I will advocate and promote energy in all forms–and that certainly includes renewables” Perry said.

Perry was introduced to the Committee by Texas Senator John Cornyn–who is confident the President-Elect has chosen the right person to lead the Energy Department in to the future.

“Rick Perry is not a status-quo kind of guy. He’s a leader, he’s an innovator” Cornyn said, adding “Texans by nature are practical people… looking for solutions to problems. Rick has led in that spirit, and I believe the results in our State speak for themselves.”

West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin–a former Governor of that State–joined Cornyn in introducing Perry to the Committee.



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