SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The San Antonio City Council is passing a vote of ‘no-confidence’ on Councilman Clayton Perry. 

The vote comes after a hit-and-run-crash on Sunday, November 6 in which a black Jeep, believed to have been driven by Perry, hit another car at an intersection and failed to stop to give information or render aid.

But before Monday afternoon’s vote, council members dropped a portion of the resolution that asked for Perry’s resignation.

Perry gave a statement before a special session in which he took responsibility for his actions and vowed to get help.

“I apologize to the community for not living up to the standards and values you all deserve and I swore to uphold,” Perry stated. “Although I do not intend to resign my seat, I’m asking for some time for me to heal, for due process to play out, and for a little humanity and compassion.”

Perry intends to take a leave of absence, and city council is planning to appoint a temporary replacement in the meantime. His term expires in early June 2023.

Body cam footage showed a San Antonio police officer going into Perry’s backyard after a witness to the crash followed the black Jeep to his home. Perry had a cut on his head and was lying down in the yard. The officer asked numerous questions about why the Jeep was still running in Perry’s driveway pressed up against the garage door. Perry appeared to have difficulty answering questions about his activities that night, whether or not he was driving the vehicle, and where his car keys were.

A warrant was issued for Perry’s arrest days after the crash, and Perry turned himself in to police shortly after.

Nobody was hurt in the vehicle that was hit.

Additional reporting by KTSA’s Christian Blood 

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