“Pipes Don’t Lie”: SAWS asks customers to keep community clog free

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Those flushable wipes may leave you feeling clean but according to San Antonio Water System, they’re doing a number on the city’s sewer system.

SAWS says one of the biggest challenges to sewer systems is when customers flush pre-moistened personal and cleaning wipes.

The packaging may read “flushable” but that’s because they will be washed away when you flush them. Butt…I mean BUT in reality, the wipes don’t disintegrate like traditional toilet paper.

The wipes will bunch together with grease and other debris and that’s when pipes got blocked by long, mop like clumps.

It’s not just wipes that are stopping up the sewer system.

A lot of foods can create clogs and SAWS is advising you don’t send them down the drain.
They include:

baked goods


chicken skins

creams and sauces



salad dressing

ice cream

Those fats, oils and grease from foods are responsible for about 70% of sewer blockages and overflows.

Learn how you can help cut back on sewer system clogs at saws.org/pipes

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