Watching the new Marilyn Monroe-biopic on Netflix, “Blonde”—and immediately saw this one coming.

In the film, the actress playing Marilyn, Ana de Armas (who’s very good in the role) portrays the blonde actress, who died in 1962, undergoing two illegal abortions, seemingly against her will.

Amazingly, for Hollywood, the baby in the womb is dramatically depicted, and actually talks to Ana in a little kid voice, asking “You won’t hurt me, will you?”

In a movie with a lot of shocking imagery, these scenes are unforgettable.

Moreover, Marilyn Monroe, who I don’t think ever revealed that she had any abortions, is shown as having anguish, revulsion, and afterwards, remorse, for doing it. As she watches the premiere of her newest movie, she mutters to herself, “For this, I killed my baby?”

I don’t recommend the movie, overall, because it’s long and depressing. But Planned Parenthood has problems with it, and you know what’s coming.

A PP spokesperson in The Hollywood Reporter called it “Anti-abortion propaganda” which would “stigmatize people’s health care decisions”.

She whined that the fetus was “depicted to look like a fully formed baby”, which they claim is “artistic license” and “false images”.

Because, it’s not life, you know, it’s just a clump of cells.

Even the Hollywood liberal director is calling BS on PP: Andrew Dominik said the depiction wasn’t political, in his mind, and that everyone is “seeing everything through a Roe v. Wade lens”.

Imagine that you find the notion that a woman would have reluctance, guilt and remorse as wildly imaginative and unheard of—that this one portrayal, against the tidal wave of leftist Hollywood output—is a major problem?

I’d say “get a life!” but there’s no point saying that to Planned Parenthood.

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