“Police Interaction Course” Gets Push Forward

It’s being called one of the most important bills the Texas Senate could pass this legislative session by none other than Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick.

A bill requiring young people take a mandatory course on interacting with law enforcement officers went before the Texas Senate’s Criminal Justice Committee Tuesday Afternoon, getting a thumbs up from the Committee.

“The reality is we’ve had problems, but the question is how do we find solutions to those problems?” said Senator Royce West, who is among the bill’s supporters.

Another supporter is Senator John Whitmire, who chairs the Committee on Criminal Justice.

“the young people need to know… not only on the streets, but in the school halls… at the Friday Night football game… if you are having contact with law enforcement, you need to know what your role is” Whitmire said, backing the flexibility contained in the bill on how the course can be taught in different parts of the State.

“What you might teach students in Hill County… Hillboro, Texas… would probably be different than a very diverse community as large as Dallas or Houston” Whitmire said.

The bill has garnered plenty of support from law enforcement officers around the Lone Star State.

“Knowledge is power. Anytime we give knowledge to our youth, we have a better opportunity of getting positive results” said Afro-American Officer League President Eric Carr.

Those sentiments were echoed by Houston Pastor James Nash.

“For too long, our youngsters have been told by others that they don’t have to respect police” Nash said.



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