Poll: Most Americans waiting on COVID-19 vaccine before going to concerts, sporting events and movies

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — This could have an impact on the sales of Zippo lighters and overpriced t-shirts.

There’s a new poll suggesting most Americans won’t go to a concert until a COVID-19 vaccine is available.

The poll was conducted by Reuters. They surveyed about 44-hundred American adults earlier this month.

About 55-percent say live concerts should not resume until there’s a vaccine.

About 40-percent say even if it takes a year to develop the vaccine, they are willing to wait.

About 30-percent said even if there is a vaccine available, they didn’t know if they would ever attend a concert again.

There could be more empty seats at professional sporting events as well.

Only 17% of those surveyed say they would attend a sporting event when they reopen to the public while 26% say they will wait for the vaccine.

A majority of the survey participants indicated they would likely avoid going to the movie theater as well.

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