Poll: Cruz Trails Perry in Senate Match Up

Is Ted Cruz really fighting for his political life?

A new poll suggests that just may be happening–by placing former Texas Governor Rick Perry well out in front of Cruz in a theoretical head to head primary match-up for Cruz’ Senate Seat in 2018.

One expert’s advice: don’t put a lot of stock in these early polls.

“They’re not measuring the people who are really going to make the decision in 2018… that’s the 1 to 1.5 million Texans who are actually going to vote in the Republican Primary” said Rice University Political Scientist and Baker Institute Fellow Mark Jones.

In a lot of ways, Jones said Cruz’ future is largely tied to the success–or failure of Donald Trump.

“The worse Donald Trump does in November, the more Ted Cruz is going to be vindicated–and the less the negative political fallout will be for him in 2018” Jones said, adding “If Donald Trump were to become the next President of the United States, Ted Cruz would be on pretty thin ice.”

Either way, Jones said the Cruz story is still unfolding.

“He is going to have some work to do, and we’re already seeing him barnstorm across Texas and trying to mend fences with many of his Republican supporters” Jones said.



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