Pour Your Sugar On Me, Baby

You can’t make this stuff up.

Mars, the candy company, not the planet, is wrestling with the concern that you’re eating too much sugar. Or at least too much at one time.

They’re said to be pondering a change that would pull their M&Ms out of iconic desserts like DQ’s Blizzard and McDonald’s McFlurry, because those items, with their M&M accompaniment, contain more sugar in a single serving than the U.S. Government recommends per person, per day.

Make mine a large, please.

Isn’t the federal government’s nickname “Uncle Sugar”?

What would you top a Blizzard with, kale?

I have an idea: Why don’t you guys defeat ISIS, shave 10 minutes off everyone’s highway commute and see about that $19T millstone that my great, great grandkids will have to work off on a Saudi moon colony?

In return, I’ll pick out a few M&Ms from my McFlurry and save them for later…ish.



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