First we had the weird HHS press release about stockpiling a drug you would need after an atomic attack or accident.

Then we have Joe Biden going to a DSCC fundraiser in New York—a private event for donors—and remarking that we’re closer to a nuclear Armageddon than at any time since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, as Russia is said to contemplate battlefield nukes in Ukraine.

Something is up, or something doesn’t add up.

Is there a specific and/or new threat assessment?

If so, why isn’t this a nationally-televised address for all Americans, not just a handful of Democratic deep-pockets? If he wants to go up there and brag about how many hours he’s spent with Xi, or refer to Putin as “a guy I know fairly well” (although not as well as Corn Pop), fine, it’s politics.

You start invoking 1962, and I start to wonder what you’re selling.

How did we go from sanity to insanity inside of two years of Biden—Putin’s been in power since Clinton.

Either you mean it, and you say it to all of us, with evidence, and a course of action. That’s what President John F. Kennedy, the man who supposedly inspired Biden’s political career, did. You look us in the eye and explain what we know. Kennedy, of course, was good at that.

You don’t mutter about it behind closed doors.

Seems like the world got more dangerous after only one thing changed: Joe Biden took office.

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