SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — President Donald Trump’s re-election team issued a statement Wednesday afternoon following most of Michael Cohen’s testimony on Capitol Hill earlier in the day:

“Michael Cohen is a felon, a disbarred lawyer, and a convicted perjurer, who lied to both Congress and the Special Counsel in a ‘deliberate and premeditated’ fashion according to the Special Counsel’s Office.  Now he offers what he says is evidence, but the only support for that is his own testimony, which has proven before to be worthless.  As noted by the Southern District of New York, Cohen’s wide array of crimes were ‘marked by a pattern of deception that permeated his professional life’ and his ‘instinct to blame others is strong.’  Prosecutors said his actions were to ensure that he would ‘profit personally, build his own power, and enhance his level of influence.’  This is the same Michael Cohen who has admitted that he lied to Congress previously.  Why did they even bother to swear him in this time?”

– Kayleigh McEnany, National Press Secretary

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