SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Presidential hopeful Julian Castro took his campaign to the Iowa State Fair Friday where he talked about a plan to disarm hate.

The former San Antonio mayor and ex-HUD Secretary said the country’s “weak gun laws enable violent extremism.” He vowed to expand medicare, lower prescription costs and fix a broken immigration system. He believes the process of applying for citizenship takes too long and Castro has a plan to reduce the number of people who are fleeing their countries.

” We can do things like a 21st century Marshall Plan for Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala so that people can find safety and opportunity at home, instead of having to come to the United States,” said Castro.

The Democrat touted Pre-K 4 SA, which he would like to turn into Pre-K 4 USA.

“If we’re going to be the smartest nation on earth, we need to start with universal Pre-K for 3- and 4-year-olds,” Castro said on the “Soapbox” stage at the Iowa State Fair.

He told the crowd that the most “existential threat to our country is climate change.”

“My first executive order would be to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, and then to invest in a Green New Deal so that we create jobs and get to net zero in the years ahead.”

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