Protesters Greet Trump

Donald Trump is here.

And he’s been greeted by a peaceful protest outside Oak Hills Country Club, but Police Chief William McManus is not concerned about any violence.

“I don’t believe that our San Antonio folks are going to mimic what went on in other parts of the country,” McManus told reporters earlier this week. “That’s not what we do, that’s not what we’ve done here.”

Thursday, a welcome video of sorts was posted to youtube.

“Bienvenido a San Antonio, Mr. Trump,” Former Senator Joe Bernal said.

Bernal is the narrator of the video produced by he and Trey Martinez Fischer.

“In San Antonio, we value family, hard work, honor, and respect,” the video said.

It also educated Trump on the Mexican-American heritage here.

“Enjoy your visit to San Antonio, Mr. Trump…Mexican-Americans and all immigrants alike help make San Antonio great.”

Watch Video Here

 Meanwhile, local Trump supporter George Rodriguez says the protestors have every right to be there but, they have no business trying to stop Trump from making his presentation.

Activist Jaime Martinez is leading the protest and at one point said that Trump is welcome in the Alamo City.

Rodriguez replied “That’s a stupid remark, especially from Jaime Martinez who is always inviting illegal aliens to come into the United States. If anybody isn’t invited into the United States it should be people who enter illegally.”



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