A Push to Collect More Blood

San Antonio Police and San Antonio Fire are in a bit of competition, pushing each other to donate blood.

And both are donating at a good time, helping maintain an adequate blood supply in south Texas.

“I wish there were more of these challenges,” South Texas Blood and Tissue Center COO Elizabeth Waltman told KTSA News.

“So we’ve got the fire department and the police department challenging each other, but we could have major businesses challenging each other, we could have different parts of city government challenge each other,” she said.

It’d be a good thing: “the need for blood is increasing daily,” Waltman said.

She said there’s usually a drop off in donations around this time of year, but, at the same time, demand is rising.

“So the gap, while it’s very small right now, the trend is so that, during the summer, there will be a significant gap,” she said.

And it’s not just here, it’s a concern nationwide.



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