Questions Swirl Around Obama’s Last U.N. Address

Days before President Obama delivers comments to the U. N. which are expected to include re-settlement opportunities for refugees, two more terrorists attacks rock the nation.

The violence impacts the country in many ways including the upcoming election.

We asked Political Science Professor Brandon Rottinghaus is the attacks mean President Obama will see less time on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton.

“For many people, Barrack Obama is perceived to be the problem. It may be counter productive to have him in front of crowds that would other wise be potential supporters of Clinton.”

Rottinghaus says delivering a speech on helping refugees when a refugee was one of those involved in the attacks is going to be a tough sell for the President.

“Presidents have to roll with the punches. The politics of the Presidency is the politics of timing. If you’re going to get something done you have

Meanwhile, many are asking is the President doing enough to protect Americans from refugees with bad intentions?

Congressman Lamar Smith doesn’t think so. In fact, he tells us President Obama has plans to admit 100,000 refugees into the country in the next year and Smith says that is causing some huge concerns.

Congressman smith says there’s the issue of background checks not being done.

“The President says we’re conducting background checks. But the FBI Director has said we don’t have any backgrounds to check.”

Smith says along with the fear that some of the refugees mean to cause harm to Americans comes the huge amount of tax dollars used to take care of them.

Refugees can get local, state and federal benefits. They get a job permit and the American taxpayer is taking care of them. So the more refugees we admit, the greater the cost to the taxpayers.”



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