Rafe Spall and Esther Smith talk second season of Apple TV+ adoption comedy, ‘Trying’

Rafe Spall and Esther Smith are ready to bring more humor and heart to the adoption process in the second season of Apple TV+’s British comedy Trying, which debuts today.

The two play married London couple Jason and Nikki, who, after being approved for adoption in season one, find that the process only gets more complicated from there. They’re now faced with the prospect of picking, and bonding with, the child of their dreams.

“Nikki has this brilliant line where she says, you know, ‘We’re the only people that get to pick a gender. Why would we not pick the best one?’ — alluding to the fact that she thinks having a female would be a better gender,” Smith laughs. “But then that brings out all these other kinds of conversations that they have with each other.”

The couple also find themselves comparing themselves to other prospective parents.

“I think from an audience’s point of view, you’re watching these guys and rooting for them because you can see that they might not be rich or fancy people or whatever it is,” Spall says. “But they’re good. They’re good people.”

Nikki and Jason’s journey has certainly resonated with audiences so far, especially with people who are similarly trying to adopt.

“Obviously, in this time, it’s been such a hard year and I think to go through that process on top of a pandemic where we’ve had to be very much isolated is such a huge thing,” Smith says. “It’s a hard process anyway. So there was a couple of messages I received from people being like, ‘Thank you so much…We don’t feel alone in this.’…And that’s, I mean, what a brilliant response to get.”

Trying has already been picked up for season three.

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