Raid HEB?

So it looks like things might get chilly around here this weekend. Weather forecasters are talking 20s and 30s at night, and 40s and 50s during the day, (depending on where you are in south Texas).

I get asked, “Can you trust the weather people”? Whether it’s DeVore, Taylor, Osterhage, Mireles, or Caskey, they get it right more than they miss it.

It’s true.

Anyway, they (all of them) tell us the swirling cold air on top of the planet, (I didn’t say polar vortex), is about to kick cold air our way.

Cool, (sorry – had to do it). Don’t let this warm air fool you they say.

Some are hedging their bets saying something like, “We will have to wait to see just how cool/cold it’s going to get.”

Bottom line – pets, pipes, plants may need care this weekend, but I doubt we need to raid the water aisle at HEB.

Just sayin’, I think you got this.

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