Random Thoughts From the Dirty Vegas Debate

Breaking news from Las Vegas! We’re out of the woods on the federal deficit! Obama the wonderworker has cut it by 2/3rds! Hmm. In 2008, it was $459B. In August of this year, it was projected for $600B. The national debt: $19.8T, from $10.6T in 1009.

But look, a squirrel!

I thought Chris Wallace won the Moderatorpallooza…although the bar was pretty low. He was succinct and extracted substance from the candidates. You might think I’m saying that because he’s from the righty network, but I honestly expected him to be awful, and he wasn’t at all.

What’s with the fixation on Trump “accepting” the election results? Gore took over a month and acted like a baby. Kerry took days. No candidate should preclude challenging and/or recounting close or disputed tallies. By the way, both Trump and Clinton have squadrons of election-law attorneys revving the engines, just in case.

One of the biggest whoppers of the night was Hillary’s staggeringly dishonest answer on D.C. v Heller.She actually said it was about toddlers using guns. That’s news to me, and to everyone who read the oral arguments and the majority and dissenting opinions by the Supremes. Probably the word “toddler” is never even used. Richard Heller was a 67-year old peace officer who claimed a right to own and bear a personal firearm to protect his home and family. It found against the Washington D.C. ban on handguns. Toddlers had no comment.

While we’re on the rights enshrined in the Constitution, please tell President Pantsuit that neither the Constitution nor Roe v. Wade, which is her favorite SCOTUS moment evah, guarantees a right to the vicious practice of partial-birth abortion. Funny how concerned she pretends to be about toddlers, given that in her view, many of them should never get that old.

I wish both of them, and all politicians would say “middle income”, which is more precise, instead of “middle-class”, which sounds vaguely elitist. Many “middle-income” and even “low-income” people I know have more class than either one of these candidates, or the two of them combined.

Oh, and when they call people “taxpayers”, it’s like calling men “sperm-launchers” and women “egg incubators”. Dumb.

Did you notice when Wikileaks came up, the Secretary was in high dudgeon about “foreign influence” and “encouraging espionage against our people”? Trump took a called strike on that one: the Clintons were awash in campaign money raised in China for the 1996 reelection, and of course, had a pay-to-play firesale at the State Department.  What she did was say it was horrible that the emails were stolen. What she did not deny was that they are real. So, they must be.

She again shrieked about Trump encouraging the Russians to spy—as I recall, he called on the Russkies to release emails he assumed they already had.

If she was lying and imagining toddlers, Trump seemed snoozy and laidback. He had so many missed opportunities I lost count. His supporters will rightly remember his good moments, but again he squandered the chance to make a “closing argument”, and he left unchallenged several of her stumbles and fibs. I get that he doesn’t like her, but he had a job to do for his campaign, and it mostly didn’t get done.

Calling everything a “disaster” is good enough for the rallies. It’s a nothingburger in a debate.

When Wallace quoted Hillary Clinton, to Hillary Clinton, on her “dream” of open borders, she airily lectured him to “read the rest of the sentence. I was talking about energy!” No, you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth. Here is the “rest of the sentence”: “My dream is a hemispherical common market with open trade and open borders, some time in the future, with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.” 

Even a toddler knows what she meant.



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