Random Thoughts And “Feelings” From a Busy Weekend

First of all, hope all the moms out there had a happy Mother’s Day. For every family posting happy pictures of brunches, barbecues and the like, there’s another one where it’s…complicated. Thinking of you, too.

I see where mayoral candidate Ron Nirenberg has the endorsement of, and is campaigning with, Julian Castro. I have the feeling the Castro magic touch is not the same as it was five or so years ago. My first thought was that Nirenberg already has the votes of San Antonians who would be impressed by seeing him with Castro, but may not be able to get a serious look from people turned off by the twins.

Seems silly that all these Democrats running for city office have to pretend they’re non-partisan. Like we don’t know?

Speaking of names from the past, Michelle Obama is fuming about the Trump Administration rolling-back her (Orwellian) healthy-school lunch guidelines. She can’t understand why people don’t want “kids to have good food at school. What is wrong with you?”

Spoken like a woman of the people.

No, Mrs. Obama, rest assured we all love our children, and despite being deplorable, we do want them to eat well. Problem #1 is they were throwing away your menu (81% increase in “plate waste”, according to the School Nutrition Association. So, serving it is not the measure of success. Eating it is. Problem #2 is wondering “what’s wrong” with people who disagree with you, or don’t want Washington D.C. dictating the cafeteria menu. “What’s wrong” with these mere mortals who go to Washington and think they are all-knowing sages?

President Trump is musing aloud about doing away with the daily press briefings. He told Judge Jeanine Pirro on Fox Saturday night that he can’t win with the White House press corps. He might be right, but if you read between the lines (or listen between them), it sounds like Sean Spicer isn’t long for the podium. With a big national TV hint like that, seems like Spicer should just step down. Then he could go on “SNL” and do a killer impression of Melissa McCarthy.

Trump’s doing more than even he realizes. Why, according to SFgate.com, San Francisco’s Chinatown is seeing a tourism slump because of his travel ban. You know, the one that was strangled at birth by every judge who got near it, the one that has nothing to do with Chinatown. This isn’t even fake news…the article uses terms like tourist traffic “feels lighter” and stores “seem” to be selling less.

Funny how, whether it’s the still plentiful Mexican tourist-shoppers here in S.A., or the fact that S.F. is actually projecting a slight increase in tourism for 2017, the data don’t support the “feels” and “seems”.

Feelings. Nothing more than feelings.




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