Random Wednesday Thoughts From Your Talk Jockey

“What the #$*@ is going on with shootings at malls??!!” someone texted me yesterday?

My answer: probably nothing is “going on”. We’re conditioned now to see patterns within events, thanks to media concoctions like “The Summer of the Shark”. Three completely different acts of violence at three widely scattered shopping centers in San Antonio, one of them an apparent suicide, two of them outside the mall itself, all of them things that happen in big, busy cities. Sorry, no panic here. It’s not a “thing”.

“Why can’t Trump just accept that he’s president??!!” asked a coworker here this morning.

Meaning: He’s the President, why is he obsessing with claiming he would’ve, or did, win the popular vote? Good question. Maybe he’s an egomaniac? Maybe he’s concerned with voter fraud, a subject elected officials are oddly in denial about. If it’s the former, he won’t be the first to occupy the Oval Office. If it’s the latter, he’d have more credibility on the subject if he didn’t make it all about him. We should care about voter fraud, manipulation and illegal immigrant voting in general, not just in a race we’re involved in. With Trump, you can’t tell if he’s serious or petulant.

“When will people in the streets accept that he’s president??!! emails a listener from Converse.

I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure of one thing: we’ve seen this movie before. As in the past, the leftist mob’s message is ugly, hyperbolic, self-righteous, dishonest, and sometimes violent. People are noticing, and it is a turn-off. It will drive voters into the arms of politicians who promise to stand up to it. One of them has already benefitted…bigly. There’ll be more. Shake your head, but they are probably helping to elect your candidate.

One of my favorite ideas is to recognize that everyone we meet has a secret struggle we know nothing about. It might explain that person who cut you off this morning, or looked at you funny, or keeps forgetting to answer your email. It’s also the sure-cure for envy. (Other peoples’ lives only look easy) For instance, I always thought FOX Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews was kind of coasting on her looks. Then I read this. Wow. She’s not coasting. God bless her.

Everyone has a battle. I’m rooting for you in yours.




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