Read This Letter And Find Hope This Holiday Season

By: Trey Ware


Dear Loved One,

Another Christmas holiday season is upon us, and so is all the busyness that goes along with it.

We are searching to find the right gifts in time, rushing around to the kiddos Christmas concerts, and trying to find time to shop for the family feast.

Turkey – check.

Ham – got it.

Sweet potatoes and marshmallows – check.

As you can tell, not much has changed, and yet everything is different.

Sure, we carry on with the family traditions like decorating, listening to Christmas music, and gathering with family on Christmas Eve at Grandma’s house. (Yes, we still sing the 12 Days at the stroke of midnight.)

And our hearts are full of joy when we remember the reason we celebrate is the birth of Jesus Christ.

You know better than us how important that moment in Bethlehem was for all mankind, for even now you see Him face to face.

We want you to know that even though we miss you every day, and especially during the holiday season, we are full of hope that we will celebrate Christ’s birth with you again – soon.

Yes, there are times in our private moments when we cry, and sometimes the pain is so deep that when no one is around we cry loudly.

The memories of our time together rush through us like a blue norther on a cold winters night, uncontrollable and bone chilling.

But then the pain gradually fades, and the very same memories that tortured our souls suddenly warm us, and replace our tears with smiles.

We remember your laugh. We can still hear your voice. Sometimes, it seems as though you are so close we can feel you here with us.

We are made glad by the thought that even though we are temporarily physically separated, our hearts and souls remain united.

We love you. We miss you. We will never forget you.

And, we will see you again someday soon.

What a great celebration that will be!



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