Reading Some Fiction This Week, Old And New


You’ve heard me say what a sucker I am for Cold War era espionage thrillers. Fredrick Forsyth gave us some of the best, probably because he was an unpaid spy for MI5 for much of his journalistic career. Best known for “Day of the Jackal” (maybe the best novel about modern terrorism ever) and “The Odessa File”, but this week I tore through 1984’s “The Fourth Protocol”. It is as good as any spy thriller can be, and even though it has a Soviet nuclear scheme as its plot, it will make you think hard about what ISIS could do with current political turmoil in Britain and the EU.

Evidently, this novel made it into film with Michael Caine and Pierce Brosnan. I will definitely have to check that out.

Right now, I’m reading 2015’s “Hunters In The Dark “by Lawrence Osborne. He’s also a Brit, who lives in Bangkok. Like me, he’s fascinated with that part of the world, and his protagonist, Robert, wanders over there from his dull middle-class life in England, and falls in with some colorful and dangerous characters. It’s a great read as Osborne puts you right there in places like Thailand and Cambodia. Now I want to go there more than ever. Consider yourself warned.



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