Are You Ready for Trump vs. Oprah, 2020 Edition?

This is probably happening, or something like it.

PPP poll on healthcare also pits President Reality Show against Queen Talk Show, and it’s a horserace.

Remember what I told you, Trumpsters, it’s like that lyric from “New York, New York”: “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere…”

Electing President Trump opens the door to President Clooney, President Cuban, President Gaga or maybe…Oprah. Suddenly, sending senators and governors to the White House is like carrying a walking stick. Get with the times!

In the poll that is guaranteed to ignite Trump’s tweeting this weekend, PPP has it Winfrey 47, Trump 40. Yes, she kills with women voters. But he only wins men by 5 points. Wut?

She even doubles him 50-25% with voters who should be too young to remember her ’80s heyday. Maybe she can make Phil Donahue her Bidenesque VP.

Just think, she can recycle Barack’s “O”campaign logo.

Imagine this: “OprahCare”. “You get a CAT scan, and you get a CAT scan, and you get a CAT scan…everyone gets a CAT scan!!!”

You can keep your doctor, if he’s Dr. Oz.

Heck, she will definitely be a better president than Obama. She’s actually worked in the private sector. Actually been promoted on merit. Actually been fired. Actually owned a business. Or what Obama called “getting lucky”.

Let me phrase this delicately, and I say this with love: she wouldn’t torture American schoolchildren with Michelle’s starvation-ration lunch program. She’s now comfortable with who she is, if you get my drift.

It would mean Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren never becomes president. And Hillary who? Like the man says, “If it saves just one life…”

Gayle King for Secretary of something.

Finally a president from Chicag—oh wait, never mind.

Who’s that guy she’s been dating for 39 years? Stedman? First Man. He’s earned it.

At her rallies, there would be a goody bag under every seat.

When they have that theatre-in-the-round formatted campaign debate with the hand-held mics, she’d mop the floor.

First president with a book club.

You still can’t imagine it?

But the host of “The Apprentice” becoming president—you totally saw that happening, right?




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