Real Roasted Pig And Parties That Don’t Seem Real


My 12-year-old daughter was surprised that the picture of a suckling pig at Jeff’s Backyard Store Saturday was real.

Of course, she knows where ham and bacon come from. The pic was just outside her “normal”.

Increasingly, all the talk about political parties seems like that. Way outside our normal.

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week”, former Bush campaign aide Matthew Dowd (who’s does some work on Trey’s show) was lamenting how the Republican Party that nominated Lincoln and Reagan is “gone”.

I question the “gone” part, but I also think his lament is a little out of step. Last time I checked, more and more of us are more concerned about our security, freedoms, culture and fiscal soundness. Not losing Z’s over the health and well-being of America’s two main political parties.

As for the “gone-ness’ of Reagan’s or Lincoln’s party, you could say the same thing about the Democratic party that nominated Kennedy, or even Clinton (Bill).

Dowd was reacting to the George W. Bush speech this week in NYC.

Let me suggest that you read the whole thing. A lot of the reporting made it out to be some sort of hategram against President Trump. And as with the McCains, Team Bush has no love for Trump. But…

The 43rd president gave an eloquent speech with a lot of good in it, and some things I disagree with. But he gave it several years too late.

I get that many fans of GWB are proud of the “restraint” he showed during the eight years of Barack Obama. Dowd likes that “he went back to Texas…never said a word”.

Well, if George W. feels this strongly now, he should’ve piped up sooner, because the coarsening of our political discourse began way before 2017.

In all the occasions that President Obama race-baited, conjured up white supremacist conspiracies, and used division when it suited any executive or legislative purpose—too many people of the stature of Bushes 43 and 41 stayed silent.

These decent, intelligent men weren’t unaware of all that—they were unwilling to take it on…then.

It makes 43’s sudden dyspepsia over Trump seems small, more a personal thing. Which is fine, as long as you don’t pretend it’s otherwise.

The seeds of Trump were sown and nurtured during Obama. And as for the political parties, they’ve never stopped changing throughout history, and probably never will.

Most of us could care less what happens to “the parties”, because they’ve stopped caring about the things that matter most to us.



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