Rebel Wilson opens up about fertility struggles: ‘Got some bad news today’

(NEW YORK) — Rebel Wilson shared an emotional life update with fans on Sunday, revealing that she is struggling with fertility.

Taking to Instagram, the Pooch Perfect host shared a photo of her walking along the beach and admitted she had some “bad news” to share.

“I got some bad news today and didn’t have anyone to share it with…but I guess I gotta tell someone,” said Wilson, 41. “To all the women out there struggling with fertility, I feel ya.”

The Australian actress continued, “The universe works in mysterious ways and sometimes it all doesn’t make sense…but I hope there’s light about to shine through all the dark clouds.”

Comments on Wilson’s post have since been turned off, but it has garnered more than 600,000 likes — and counting.

The Pitch Perfect alum previously revealed in a November 2020 interview with E! News that she was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and told the outlet when discussing her weight loss journey, “I’ve been overweight for about 20 years. I started gaining weight when I was about 20. I had something called PCOS — polycystic ovarian syndrome — and I gained weight rapidly.”

In the same interview, she confirmed that she was “thinking of starting a family.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines infertility as the inability to get pregnant after one year of trying to conceive. Infertility affects 6% of women between the ages of 15 and 44, the organization reports.

The CDC also identifies PCOS as a leading cause of infertility in women.

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