SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A prank on Boston Red Sox fans that was so good, so good, so good.

It happened Sunday at Petco Park in San Diego where the Red Sox were visiting the Padres.

For those who don’t follow the sport, the Red Sox have a long standing 8th inning tradition at Fenway Park, their home stadium.

The Neil Diamond song “Sweet Caroline” is blasted through the sound system and the Fenway faithful sing along for some stadium karaoke. (As a New England native, I have taken part in this tradition several times. With or without a frosty “Sammy” in your hand, it’s stupid fun!)

The Padres event staff was ready and waiting for the legion of Sox fans that typically show up at road games.

In the middle of the 8th, the familiar opening notes of the 1969 Neil Diamond classic could be heard coming through the Petco Park P.A system. That prompted the Red Sox Nation representatives to rise to their feet.

The giant video screen presented images of the Sox fans singing along in the stands.

And just when they were about to join together for the chorus of ‘SWEEEEETTTT CARRROLLIIIIINE…Ba! Ba! Baaa!”

……the screen switches to the Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Yup, the Padres “Rick Rolled”  Sox fans.





What followed was a mixed chorus of boos and cheers but in the end, even some die hard Red Sox fans would probably admit…. it was a great prank.

The Padres went on the win the game, 3 to 1.

The Sox “Sweet Caroline” sing-a-long began at Fenway Park in 2002 and many fans consider it a good luck charm.

Did you laugh?

Well, they may be on to something.

The team has won the World Series 4 times since they started using the song.  The championships came after an 86 year drought.

The “Rick-rolling” prank began as an internet meme in which users click on something they want to watch. Usually, it’s something salacious.  Instead, it ends up being the music video for the Rick Astley hit from 1987.

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