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SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A San Antonio Police Officer is back on duty following a three-day suspension for getting into an altercation at a dentist’s office.

KSAT-12 is reporting Officer Robert Pompa Jr. was suspended in November after internal affairs conducted an investigation into the incident.

The altercation was captured on the dentist’s office video surveillance.

In the video, Pompa, who was off-duty at the time, is seen trying to enter the Fredericksburg Road office.

But the door was locked and a 66 year-old man who was in the office can be seen refusing to open it.

After a dental office employee opens the door, Pompa and three others entered.

Pompa is seen exchanging words with the 66 year-old man and at some point, the two men are face to face.

The video shows Pompa shoving the man backwards and once the man regains his balance, he approaches Pompa and begins swinging his fists.

The man lands several punches to Pompa’s face before the off-duty officer shows the man his credentials.

But the man continued throwing punches at Pompa, hitting him in the head several times.

Pompa is seen making a call on his cell phone while walking out of the office.

In the end, Pompa had a swollen lip while the man who hit him had a small cut above his eye.

KSAT-12 says the internal affairs investigation concluded that Pompa, a six-year SAPD veteran, violated the rules of conduct and behavior.

The man who hit him has not been charged and no arrests were made following the incident.

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