BEXAR COUNTY, Tex. (KTSA News) — Reports say advisers close to President Donald Trump are trying to get him to dismiss his 2020 reelection campaign manager, Brad Parscale.

The New York Post reports these confidantes say Parscale lacks the political instincts to lead the campaign to a second term in the White House.

Parscale — who has significant ties to San Antonio — was the digital media director for the Trump 2016 campaign.

Sources to the paper say the president does not dismiss these suggestions outright, however Parscale is very close to the Trump family.

Along with political experience, some Republicans experienced in the campaign world say the campaign has become so process-driven that it is not being effective in communicating the message the president wants to deliver.  They likened it to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Despite being close to the family, the Post said some in the campaign and the president himself have not been fans of Parscale’s lavish lifestyle — which includes a $2.4 million beachfront mansion in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a new boat, and luxury cars.

Some 2016 campaign veterans like Corey Lewandowski and Bush-era veterans like Karl Rove have been seen at the White House recently.

The likelihood of a Parscale departure is not clear.  Some say his close relationship with the Trump family makes such a move unlikely, while others say the president’s willingness to turn over staff easily makes such a move likely.

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