HOUSTON (AP) — A Texas Department of Health Services report shows the number of people in the state who chose to not immunize their children for non-medical reasons has jumped this past school year despite a record-breaking measles outbreak in the U.S.
The Houston Chronicle reports that the number of parents who sought exemptions rose 14% in 2018-2019, continuing a 15-year upward trend that public health officials worry leaves communities susceptible to a resurgence of preventable diseases.
Measles has been reported in 23 states this year, including Texas. As of Thursday, 764 measles cases have been reported — the most recorded in the nation since 1994.
Houston health department officials say the increase in the number of parents choosing to not vaccinate their children is primarily due to massive amounts of misinformation.
Information from: Houston Chronicle, http://www.houstonchronicle.com

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