Researchers: On Right Path to Alamo’s South Wall

They’re confident they’re on the right track.

That word from researchers in Alamo Plaza–who are now hunting for signs of the Alamo’s original south wall.

“We’re in an area where several walls ought to be coming together to form the gate itself” said Dr. Steve Tomka, who believes the team is working very near what would have been the Alamo’s original entrance and exit point.

He also said the improved weather in recent days has helped the team make progress.

“Last week much of the work was focused on bailing water out of the excavation units because of all the rain” Tomka said, admitting they’ve found very few artifacts so far.

“Interestingly enough, they’re (the artifacts found) Native American made–potentially pre-historic rather than belonging to the Mission Period” Tomka said. He believes those artifacts may have been dug up by early Alamo inhabitants–who then used that soil to help fortify the Mission.



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