Researchers: Vets Taking Advantage of Benefits in Record Numbers

New research suggests America’s military veterans are taking advantage of V.A. benefits in record numbers these days.

“Every single service member who leaves the military receives a full day of V.A. benefits briefs” Veterans Affairs Undersecretary Curt Coy told KTSA News.

The study shows student veterans clearly outperforming their peers in a comparison of the two groups.

“They come from the most highly trained military in our country’s history” Coy said in explaining the performance, adding “They’re older, a bit more mature… many of them have families, some with jobs.”

Coy also said they’ve made great headway when it comes to veterans and jobs, pointing to the numbers that show the unemployment rate among military veterans is clearly below the national average today.

“The I went back and looked at the last 48-months… and veterans have performed in terms of unemployment below the national average (in) 46 of those 48 months” Coy said.

The study also showed military veterans taking advantage of the V.A. Home Loan Program in record numbers as well.

“Guaranteeing over 700-thousand loans last year alone” Coy said.



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