Rev. Sean’s Notebook: Sundays on the Porch.


I love sitting on my porch.

My favorite day to sit on the porch is Sunday.

On the day the Good Lord rested after making everything, I, too, like to rest, by plopping my fat ass down in a chair on the porch, pulling the cork on a bottle of Barefoot Merlot, and hanging out with my wife, my stepdaughter, my Chihuahua, and whomever else happens to show up.

This time each week has become necessary to my mental and spiritual health, for it is on the porch on Sundays that I count my blessings, clear out the bullshit from my noggin, and, in general, commune and connect with the Universe. And all the while getting a nice, slow wine-buzz on.

Given the cool vibe going down on my porch every Sunday, we have decided to invite you to hang out with us for 30 or 40 minutes via the KTSA Facebook page live-stream. The idea is that you are just a friend stopping by to visit for a spell. You can ask me anything you want to ask. If you want me to read a few poems, I’ll read a few poems. If you want to ask me something about the news, I’ll talk about the news. Anything goes. We’re just hanging out.

If this sounds cool to you, then join us this Sunday, April 14, around 4 pm, on the KTSA Facebook page.

We’ll see you then!

rev s


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