Ride Shares to Stay in S.A.

It looks like Uber and Lyft will be sticking around the Alamo City for at least one more year.

City Council has approved a new agreement–with three one-year options–which includes some changes to the previous arrangement.

“It allows us to move forward in a way for another year that I think is credible” said Councilman Joe Krier of the agreement–which leaves it up to ride share drivers to decide if they want to undergo the most stringent of background checks.

“I’m very concerned about the background checks–the safety of our public” said Taxi Cab advocate Robert Gonzales.

Councilman Mike Gallagher is also troubled by background checks.

“We require VIA bus drivers to have it… taxi drivers and limo drivers to have it… The pedicab folks–and, believe it or not–our horse drawn carriages–all of them need ten-prints” Gallagher said, before casting a “No” vote on the agreement with the ride shares.

The agreement does all on the the ride shares to work with others to provide incentives to drivers to undergo those “ten-print” screenings.

Councilman Alan Warrick voted in favor of the agreement–explaining he simply has not heard an outcry for making more stringent background checks mandatory.

“Citizens that want ten fingers (ten-print checks) they have options–but also, the citizens that really don’t care–or it’s not an issue for them… they need options as well” Warrick said before casing his vote.

For her part, Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales cautiously welcomed the agreement. She said public safety is her top priority.

“I think the numbers for drunk driving (in San Antonio) is really compelling” Gonzales said in signaling her support.



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