Robbery charges dropped against world champion boxer Charlo

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Charges alleging a world champion boxer stole from a waitress at a northwest side bar have been dropped.

Bexar County prosecutors dismissed the charges Monday citing “insufficient evidence,” according to KSAT.

Middleweight boxing champion Jermall Charlo, 31, faced the allegations after he was accused of assaulting a waitress and stealing her tips in July. Charlo was in town supporting his twin brother — a fellow world champion boxer — Jermell in a fight at AT&T Center.

Charlo’s attorney said that Charlo was simply merely trying to retrieve his credit card — which had declined — from the waitress who he accused of attempting to steal from him.

“I want to make clear that Jermall stole no money from anyone at the club and made no threats toward anyone. When they ran his card it was declined and he then received a fraud alert from Chase Bank asking if he had made the charge. He responded yes and they told him to have the charge submitted again,” Charlo’s attorney Kent A. Schaffer said in a statement in August. “The waitress went to run it again and came back saying she could not find the card. Jermall was upset that his card was missing since it was a debit card tied to an account with a substantial amount of money. The waitress had his license sticking out of a portfolio and he took his license back saying that he didn’t want her to lose that too.”

His attorney said they attempted to pay with a different card later in the evening, but the bar refused to accept the payment.

“Over the last few weeks we have talked to the police, prosecutors and the club owner and although the club owner expressed his desire to drop the charges the officer insisted on filing charges to try to embarrass Jermall,” Schaffer said in August. “At no time did he rob anyone or take any property other than his own.”

Charlo turned himself in to San Antonio police after arrest warrants were issued. He was released on a $15,000 bond.

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