SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — What a drag it is that The Rolling Stones are getting….a bit long in the tooth but the “bad boys of rock and roll” still hate having to be under anybody’s thumb.

The played a date in Santa Clara, California recently where the stadium has a 10 P.M curfew. That was actually extended to 11 P.M so the band could play their full set.

But the city received a letter from the Stones camp that shines some light on why the band says that would be the last time they play at Levi’s Stadium.

The biggest issue? They need their fireworks to make them happy and they were forced to cancel their pyrotechnic display at the last minute.

The band was told they couldn’t get what they want when it came to their pyro.  They say they’re not going back because there are too many restrictions and rules for bands to follow that make it “not worth playing there”.

They did like the stadium though writing:

“Your facility is top notch, your staff commendable, and yet each time someone mentions playing Levi’s, we all cringe, knowing that some new rule will be applied to the show just before we either start loading in or before the show.”

Perhaps wild horses couldn’t drag them away…..if the conditions weren’t so restrictive.

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