Run on Gas Hits S.A.

By Don Morgan and Bill O’Neil

As motorists lined up to top off their tanks Thursday afternoon causing several stations around the city ran out of gas.

That’s when some mild panic set in as word of a gas shortage began to spread through social media.

That’s. Not. True.

“They’re texting each other… oh my gosh, you’ve got to go get gas right now” Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton told the Texas Tribune.

“They’re taking gas tanks, they’re taking their Suburbans, everyone is trying to fill up. Even if all of the refineries were running, we’d still be running in to this issue” Sitton said.

Daniel Armbruster at Triple A Texas talked to us for a few minutes Thursday afternoon and he hopes what he had to say will ease some of your concerns.

First of all there’s not a gas shortage.

Armbruster says there’s plenty of gas, it’s just stuck at refineries as the coastal area is still dealing with Hurricane Harvey. As far as future supplies..again…don’t worry.

Armbruster reports that refineries along the coast suffered minimal if ANY damage at all. The repairs are underway and word from the state is that the refineries will be back online by the weekend.

Which leads to another issue to go along with the busted supply chain and the huge amount of gas being sent to areas damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

The Labor Day Weekend.

Many people are planing road trips for the three day weekend which will also be a big draw off the current fuel supply.

Armbruster says to give it a few days and gas supplies will be back to where they should be.

Sitton’s best advice: take a deep breath before you give in to that urge to rush out to the gas station, especially if you can get through the next few days without filling up.

“My advice is don’t go stand in line–don’t wait three hours for gasoline. As the pipeline get back in shape and people realize this isn’t as big an issue as it seems today, this is going to stem” Sitton said.

In the meantime, don’t panic. There IS plenty of gas and it will be here soon.



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