S.A. Hospitals Treating Sutherland Springs Injured

MGN Online

By Pilar Arias and Bill O’Neil

More than a dozen of the injured in the Sutherland Springs church shooting rampage are being treated by doctors in San Antonio.

“The patients that we received have significant injuries that will change their lives…. and require significant healing and rehabilitation” said Brooke Army Medical Center Commanding General Jeff Johnson.

Johnson would not go in to detail on the nature of the injuries.

“Obviously, coming to a Level I trauma center implies they have critical injuries, and I think the injuries we see are consistent with what we hear through law enforcement for the type of event that took place” Johnson said.

A total of eight patients–six adults and two children are being treated by doctors at BAMC.

“We continue to treat all eight patients, and we’ll continue to take care of them until their needs are met, and they can be safely transitioned to outpatient status” Johnson said.

Doctors at University Hospital are treating nine patients who were injured in the shooting rampage that killed at least 26 people.



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