Sam Brinton: Nonbinary and non-victim

Can we agree: if your employer fires you because you’re a thief, that doesn’t make you a victim?

The “victim” would be the person stolen-from.

So, with Sam Brinton, the now-ex DOE official that the Biden Administration very quietly broke up with this week, you have to hand it to media.

If Elon Musk or Ron DeSantis were absconding with other people’s luggage, they’d be worsethanHitler.

But the reporting on Brinton was downright mournful. NBC News: “History-making nonbinary government official is out of a job after theft accusations”. Ughh, these cis-travelers and their insistence on being able to claim their suitcase after a flight. It ruins everything.

Well, it wasn’t just accusations—Sam is wanted in two separate incidents for felony theft, at the Las Vegas and MSP airports. Charged. On-videotape with the hand in the Samsonite cookie jar and everything.

If hiring people that “check the boxes” is a priority, you’d think the pioneers would also be exemplars. With Brinton, it looks like they threw darts at the wall.

Or maybe hire people that are most qualified, instead of “check the boxes”? It’s sad that not ONE defender of Brinton makes the case for outstanding job qualifications. The sole accolade is the list of “firsts”.

Now, Brinton is a victim, as numerous stories on the termination echo Sam’s oft-repeated but never-proven autobiographical tales of undergoing conversion therapy and “transphobic attacks”, such as being referred to as a “drag queen”.

How is calling someone a “drag queen” an “attack” at the present moment? In case you haven’t noticed, they’re all the rage. And in Sam’s case, he actually participates in a group called “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”.  Ergo, it’s not an attack, or mockery. It is factual.

Why do I feel like we are five minutes away from a Sam Brinton Netflix docuseries?


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