Photo courtesy of San Antonio Animal Care Services

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Animal Care Services reunited a San Antonio family with a furry friend recently who wandered away more than half a decade ago.

In a social media post, ACS said they received a call about a sick cat and an officer retrieved her and scanned her for a microchip and it revealed the cat’s name is Monkey Face. When the officer went to the listed address they discovered that her family no longer lived there.

After Monkey Face was brought to ACS for a veterinary checkup, employees found the other contact information listed on the microchip to be out of date but researched diligently over two weeks to find Monkey Face’s owners and they were successful.

It turns out Monkey Face accidentally got lost six years ago.

“Ms. F couldn’t believe it and almost thought there had to be a mistake. Could this really be her cat that has been missing for six years? It sure was and the reunion was PRICELESS! It was easy to see the joy they had cuddling after such a long time,” the post reads. “These stories touch our hearts and reassure us of the work we do. The power of the microchip, the hard-working team members, the care these pets receive…It’s all connected to our mission to find homes for the pets in our care. And Monkey Face wouldn’t have it any other way!”

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