San Antonio city council reaches no final decision on what to do with excess funds from CPS Energy

SAN ANTONO (KTSA News) — Imagine having an extra 75 million dollars show up in your bank account.

It’s an issue the city of San Antonio finds itself dealing with. The money comes from an unexpected influx of revenue from CPS Energy.

CPS customers are paying outrageous electricity bills due to the months long heat wave and the utility, which is owned by the city, hands over any excess funds to city hall.

Some of the extra money has been earmarked for other projects, including sidewalk improvements, an emergency equipment warehouse and the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program.

But that leaves another 50 million bucks lying on the table.

City staff floated the idea of giving the money back to customers in the form of credits on future CPS bills and placing some in an assistance program for low income customers.

During city council’s budget workshop Tuesday, members tossed around ideas for the money.

Mayor Nirenberg and Councilman Clayton Perry agreed to the city’s credit proposal but other council members did not.

Some suggestions, including one from John Courage, was for an alternative assistance program that would pay residential customers inside the city 75 bucks, while customers outside the city and business owners get nothing.

Councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriguez said individuals who did not conserve energy would get a higher rebate. He feels that’s a behavior that shouldn’t be rewarded.

At the end of the workshop, there was no final decision on what to do with the money. The Mayor says they will take up the matter again before a final decision is voted on in September.


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