San Antonio man accused of murdering a woman with an axe is arrested in Brownsville

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A man accused of the murder and dismemberment of a woman in San Antonio has been arrested.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar says officers arrested 26-year-old Rafael Castillo in Brownsville.

Castillo was at a gathering at a home on West Harlan late last month and got into an altercation with 31 year old Nicole Perry.

Salazar says what sparked the event isn’t clear but at some point Castillo used an axe or a hatchet to kill Perry.

“It’s become known that Miss Perry was attacked by Castillo, at this point it’s possible that there may be other people involved. But Miss Perry was actually killed with an axe or a hatchet at the scene.”

The Sheriff says the murder was quite gruesome.

“It appears at this point from the information we developed that she was actually partially dismembered while she was still alive. It’s really heart wrenching to know what this young lady went through.”

Perry’s partial remains were discovered by work crews while they were cleaning an illegal dumping area last month.

Investigators haven’t found all of Perry’s body yet.

Sheriff Salazar says there were several people at the scene the night of Perry’s murder and he is not ruling out the possibility of more arrests.

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