SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The San Antonio Police Department sent their helicopter to assist in a rescue in South Texas.

2 men who were fishing at Lake Amistad, located near Del Rio, floated into some trouble in the river portion of the lake Saturday.

They called for help but anything that could have gone wrong with the rescue did go wrong.

First, mud prevented the boat used by Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens from reaching the stranded fishermen.

So the wardens called for help from the air but two DPS rescue aircraft and the rescue helicopter used by wardens were all grounded for service.

The other rescue helicopter available for wardens was in Houston, nearly 400 miles away.

It was getting dark and the only other option was the SAPD’s EAGLE unit.

The unit launched and soon after arrived on the scene, the two fishermen were hoisted out of the water and brought to safety.

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