San Antonio Public Library to stop charging over due fees beginning October 1

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Are you a habitual offender when it comes to returning borrowed materials form the library before they are due?

Good news if you are.

The San Antonio Public Library has announced they will no longer charge late fees for items that are returned after their due date.

“Libraries are for everyone,” said Paul Stahl, Chair of the SAPL Board of Trustees. “No one should be afraid to visit or use the services at their local library because they are worried about owing money if their book is returned late. The Library Board of Trustees extends our thanks to City Council and the City Manager’s Office for their support and stewardship of this important initiative.”

However, if you currently owe an overdue fine, you’ll still have to pay that. The library says they have several options for those who have a late fee. Setting up a payment plan will help you avoid having your library privileges suspended.

The fines will no longer be charged as of October 1.

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