San Antonio River Walk maintenance underway

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The San Antonio River Walk looks a bit different this week.

The San Antonio River Authority and Public Works began their bi-annual maintenance of the San Antonio River on Sunday that includes draining portions of the river to clear out debris and assessing the walls for needed repairs.

Pubic Works spokesperson Paul Berry said they have unearthed the usual restaurant chairs, silverware and parade beads that they normally see during maintenance.

“We did find a baby stroller there, which we’re not sure how that happened,” Berry said.

Public Works drained the loop of the San Antonio River and partially drained the main channel, which was fully drained during the last maintenance in 2020.

When the river is drained, the department electronically scans the walls of the river to ensure they are being maintained properly and to plan for future maintenance. The results of the scans will be returned in a few weeks, Berry said.

The maintenance is scheduled to be completed Sunday.

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