San Antonio sets up temporary crossing to replaces damaged pedestrian bridge on Castroville Road

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A pedestrian beacon crossing is set up at the intersection of Castroville Road and Dahlgreen Street.

Razi Hosseini is the Director of the City’s Public Works Department and he released the following statement:

“This temporary crossing will ensure that residents and families can safely cross the street and access education and other services until the bridge is rebuilt.”

The Pedestrian Beacon Signal Crossing is activated by pedestrians and uses yellow and red lights to warn drivers when someone is crossing the roadway.

Since it’s a new feature, drivers need to be aware of what certain phases of the lights mean:

Flashing Yellow Light: Warns drivers approaching the crosswalk of a pedestrian crossing.

Solid Yellow Light: Warns drivers to prepare to stop.

Solid Red Light: Drivers are to stop for pedestrians crossing.

Flashing Red Light: Drivers are to stop and may proceed through the intersection when it is clear of pedestrians.

The Pedro Romero Pedestrian Bridge collapsed February 21 after a dump truck that failed to lower its open-box bed and crashed into it.

The pedestrian bridge was named after a local man who petitioned for its construction as safe passage for students.

The Gardendale Pre-K 4 SA Early Learning Program and Madonna Center are both located near the intersection.

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