San Antonio traffic far better than other Texas metro areas

Sitting in traffic is no fun and three of the four large Texas metro areas are among the worst in the country for it.

The only one not near the top is San Antonio.

Transportation analytics company INRIX says Los Angeles has the worst congestion in the world, ahead of Moscow, New York City, Sao Paolo and San Francisco.

Dallas is the 10th worst in the U.S., Houston was 11th worst and Austin was 14th worst.

San Antonio was 42nd worst in the country — 297th worst in the world.

The report released Monday highlighted big improvements in the state.  El Paso saw a 13 percent improvement year-over-year from 2016 to 2017 and both Dallas and Austin both saw 9 percent improvements.

INRIX credited the improvements to the billions spent on highway improvements across the state.

“For example, in Dallas more than $1 billion was spent on I-35 Express from I-635 (LBJ) up to the George Bush Turnpike to add an extra lane in each direction plus managed tolls, which completed in 2017,” the report stated. “A further $800 million was spent on fixing the Dallas Horseshoe where the I-35 and I-30 intersect affecting almost 500,000 drivers a day.”

In Los Angeles, a typical driver spent 102 hours sitting in congestion in 2017.

That compares to 54 hours in Dallas, 50 hours in Houston and 43 hours in Austin.  San Antonio drivers spent 25 hours in congestion.

Among the Texas cities, Austin drivers spent the largest percentage of their driving time stuck in traffic — 11 percent.

Top 20 Most Congested American Cities
(hours in congestion)

  1. Los Angeles (102)
  2. New York City (91)
  3. San Francisco (79)
  4. Atlanta (70)
  5. Miami (64)
  6. Washington, DC (63)
  7. Boston (60)
  8. Chicago (57)
  9. Seattle (55)
  10. Dallas (54)
  11. Houston (50)
  12. Portland, OR (50)
  13. San Diego (48)
  14. Austin (43)
  15. Stamford, CT (41)
  16. Tacoma, WA (41)
  17. Minneapolis (41)
  18. Philadelphia (37)
  19. Santa Cruz, CA (37)
  20. Honolulu (37)

Top 10 Most Congested Texas Cities
(hours in congestion)

  1. Dallas (54)
  2. Houston (50)
  3. Austin (43)
  4. San Antonio (25)
  5. McAllen (15)
  6. El Paso (14)
  7. New Braunfels (12)
  8. Brownsville (12)
  9. Denton (11)
  10. Lubbock (10)


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