San Antonio zip code is fastest growing in U.S. for renters

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — San Antonio now has one zip code that is outpacing all others in the U.S. in people renting homes and apartments.

A new study from RentCafe shows San Antonio’s 78215 zip code is the fastest growing for renters in the nation. Data shows this zip code had a renters share of 61.8% in 2011, but as of 2020 that renters share had gone up to 87.2%. These percentages mean that there were 735 renters in 78215 in 2011, but 9 years later that number had swelled to 2,482. This change of 237.7% is more than 64% higher than the next closest zip code in the U.S. for renter growth.

But this was not the only San Antonio zip code showing rapid growth in renters, as buying a home is not an option for so many people in today’s economy.

The zip code 78256 came in at No. 7 in the nation for increased renters, with a total of 6,385 shown in 2020. While not as dramatic as the increase of renters seen in 78215, this zip code still saw an increase of 132.4% in just over a decade. In 2011, 78256 had 2,747 renters for a share of 40.9%. By 2020, the renters share in this zip code had gone up to 55.8%.

The study shows San Antonio zip codes 78219 (47.5% increase), 78226 (40.4% increase), and 78217 (20.7%) also saw increases in rental demand over the last decade.

San Antonio now has 9 zip codes in which the number of renters outnumber home owners.

You can see the entire story from RentCafe by clicking here.