San Antonio’s “Love Lock Fence” will be moved next week

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A downtown landmark that is popular with newlyweds is getting a new address….but it’s just temporary and not too far from the old one.

A few years back, couples who tied the knot at the downtown Courthouse Wedding Chapel started going over to what’s now known as the “Love Lock Fence” between the Kallison Walk Bridge and Market Street.

They place a lock on the fence then throw the key into the San Antonio River.

Photo: Elizabeth Ruiz/KTSA News



But city engineers have discovered some cracks and erosion under the walkway near the fence and it needs to be repaired.

So what’s going to happen to the Love Lock Fence while the work is being done?

The city doesn’t want to mess with tradition so they’re just going to move it around the corner to the Kallison Walk Bridge. Once the repairs are made the fence, locks and all, will be moved back to it’s original location.

The project starts September 8th and at this point there is no time table for it’s completion.

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