“Sanctuary Cities” Law Critic Welcomes Ruling

By Don Morgan

One of the leaders of the effort to challenge the State’s so-called “Sanctuary Cities” law isn’t too upset over Monday’s ruling from a 5th Circuit Court of Appeals panel allowing more of it to take effect in Texas.

“Bexar County complies with ICE in respect to detainer requests with people in our jails” Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff told KTSA News following the ruling.

“We do that… we’ve always done that… and, we’ll continue to do that” the Judge added.

A three-judge panel’s ruling keeps most of the law from taking effect ahead of a scheduled hearing before the full 5th Circuit in November. The exception is the requirement local communities and police comply with federal immigration detainer requests.

Wolff is pleased the ruling does not require police officers inquire about immigration status during routine interactions.

“Many undocumented people are here illegally waiting for a visa, waiting for a work permit… or maybe a DACA student–so, we didn’t want to get in to that business” the Judge said.

A San Antonio federal judge blocked the law from taking effect with a ruling at the end of August after Bexar County, the City of San Antonio, and a number of other communities around Texas mounted a legal challenge.

Wolff said they’ll wait and see what happens next as the appeals process continues to unfold.



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